• Your ESG Data in the Blockchain

    Gain control over your data

    ESG Optimization

    Merge professional supply chain management (SCM) with the requirements of environmental, social and governmental (ESG) reporting and optimize your rating

Track ESG

Collect validated ESG-data at each member of the supply chain following standardized protocols

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Best investment decisions and optimized ESG rating

through an ESG supply chain

Professional reporting of environmental, social and governmental (ESG) data and targets requires thorough determination of relevant data points and a validated tracking system. Modern blockchain technology enables retrieval of data at its source while safeguarding its validity and tamper protection. The so derived ESG data is used for an ESG target-compliant allocation of resources and optimized ESG score using sophisticated conversion models.

  1. Track ESG
  2. Manage Investments
  3. Optimize Portfolio


From Larry Fink's letter to CEOs
A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance

We believe that all investors, along with regulators, insurers, and the public, need a clearer picture of how companies are managing sustainability-related questions. This data should extend beyond climate to questions around how each company serves its full set of stakeholders, such as the diversity of its workforce, the sustainability of its supply chain, or how well it protects its customers’ data. Each company’s prospects for growth are inextricable from its ability to operate sustainably and serve its full set of stakeholders.

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