Best investment decisions and optimized ESG rating

through an ESG supply chain

Professional reporting of environmental, social and governmental (ESG) has started not only as a requirement, but also as a must-have in modern supply operations. Various ESG-related regulations and scores must be complied with by companies in order to maintain business relationships and secure long-term financing.

Our blockchain-based supply chain solution is set up by a team of ESG and data processing experts and answers a number of requirements, which go much beyond what is required to uphold compliant reporting requirement and scores:


a) Collection and proper documentation of validated ESG-data at each member of the supply chain

b) Guidance system revealing carbon inefficiencies and indicating recommendations to minimize the carbon footprint of the company

c) Dynamic evaluation of CAPEX and OPEX through continuous retracing of ESG targets

d) Individualized data scoring automatically converted for distribution with customers, banks and other stakeholders

e) Access control of persons and restriction data recipients to those having 'interest'.

Through application of the ESG Chain, we make sure that data is validated, available for dynamic decision making and optimized results are received with regard to customers' compliance requirements and convenient financing. The solution works with standardized protocols and applies sophisticated models developed by our experts for optimized results.

Our data sets are focused on environmental data as required by market-leading benchmark scores. They will be expanded by additional data sets with ESG-relevance successively, to have an overall supply chain management solution for advanced decisions always at hand and to minimize the risk of detrimental decision-making.