ESG Supplier Exchange

Matching of GHG emitters and buyers on the Green Token trading platform

The Green Token (crypto asset) is used as currency for the GHG value of products within the sustainable supply chain

A supply chain's carbon footprint can be reduced through:

    • Investments into carbon-neutral assets¬†¬†
    • Carbon Capture, Usage, and Storage (CCUS) technologies

On the Green Token marketplace we enable customers to:

  • connect GHG buyers and GHG emitters
  • establish and ensure a carbon-neutral supply chain
  • buy into carbon-neutral assets and CCUS technologies
  • increase transparency of the positive impact of CCUS (etc) along the sustainable supply chain
  • allow from each one node multi-chain service (the action of one entity can have an impact on multiple supply chains serviced by this entity)

The token-based platform increases overall sustainability through the standardized marketplace for carbon-neutral assets and the CCUS offering.